MHM Leadership Lab is fully operational and here to help you and your team. The aim is to foster collective responses to complex and challenging issues that maybe faced whilst leading a team. It is also a hub for professional development including interview preparation for a leadership role.  


Fostering Networks of Leaders

Developing networks and building collective thinkers is fundamental to our work. We engage with networks of leaders and support them in developing effective strategies to address their challenges using modern technology 

Annual Membership 


Community Leadership Development

Community Leadership Development programme aim to assist communities in the development and management of the internal and external processes to strengthen their influence. This includes:

  • Developing practical skills and knowledge for effectively involving and empowering local residents to become more effective leaders.
  • Promoting leading-edge thinking with practical application to enhance the capacity of people to seamlessly handle and effectively lead on a broad range of community issues.


Connected Leaders Programme

This is designed by Michaelene Holder-March to be implemented with managers, directors, senior staff including senior doctors and nursing and allied health leaders across the public or private service.  MHM Leadership Lab developed a vision and  robust strategy and to design a customised programme that supported leaders in the implementation of the strategy. This Connected Leadership Programme initiative was designed to enhance leadership capability across any service and support the achievement of a global partnership vision, 


Sustainable Change Management

MHM Leadership Lab our aim is to work alongside leaders to equip them to lead change more effectively, and to embed change initiatives through;

  • culture change
  • communication strategies
  • agile systems and processes

We understand the importance of building a strong vision, proactively leading change, and genuine collaboration within and across organisations and sectors. In addition, we are skilled at supporting leaders to identify and engage a wide range of relevant stakeholders in order to sustain and grow change.


VIP Global Network

MHM Leadership Lab extends to  the six continents, the brand MHM global footprint is ever growing. 


Been along to any seminars and have some burning questions that you need answers to? As a VIP  Global Network member you will have a chance to speak to some of our speakers and ask them any questions that may have arisen during their seminars. Or simply use this as an opportunity to get their thoughts on topics that matter to you.


MHM Leadership Lab will work with you to pre-arrange any 1-2-1 meetings with industry experts this will help you to strategise and examined your leadership skills.

Would you like us to help facilitate any meetings? Contact us now for support and cost.


As a senior leader you will have access to the exclusive VIP Leadership virtual lounge where you can take a break from the bustling day to day work activities and enjoy the exclusive informative content and have a chance to create great global connections with other attendees. You will also have access to exclusive VIP seminars which will be designed by you.



MHM Business Solutions place importance on mentoring, coaching  and direct communication to foster career development.  We host different learning groups where professional dialogue, confidence building and listening skills  are explore

Payment Plan can be arranged 


Peer Group Discussions

MHM Leadership Lab encourages active participation in leadership development via facilitation of peer groups; this  enables each team member to understand their competency to lead, strengths and then collaborate as a high performing team.  MHM Leadership Lab team uses a wide range of  tools to inspire teams to be innovative,  develop collective vision, shared learning and significant impact.Facilitation of groups enables each team member to understand their strengths and then collaborate as a high performing team.  Our team uses a wide range of  processes to allow teams to create collective vision, shared learning and create significant impact.